Notes on visiting the exhibition.
・There are exhibition rooms where shoes are removed. It is recommended to wear socks.
・Some exhibition rooms are dark. Please be careful if you are not comfortable in dark places.
・In order to enjoy the exhibition in a tranquil space, please refrain from talking in the exhibition rooms.
・The management cannot be held responsible for any accidents, theft, etc. in the exhibition hall.
・The management cannot be held responsible for any problems between visitors.
・Masks must be worn inside the venue to prevent corona.

【Kids’ Welcome Days】
Tuesday 12 July, Monday 25 July and Thursday 4 August
These three days are Kids’ Welcome Days.
Visitors with young children are encouraged to come to the exhibition.
Please watch out for them warmly.

Adults ¥2,000 / Student(university and vocational school) ¥1,500 / Students(high school and junior high school) ¥1,000

Saturday, Sunday, and holiday
Adults ¥2,200 / Student(university and vocational school) ¥1,700 / Students(high school and junior high school) ¥1,200

[ Release date ]
Fri., June 3, 2022 – Until admission time

・Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a gurdian.
・The guests maybe asked to wait in the occasion of crowded entrance on and around the appointed entry time.
・Guest will be appointed for another time frame in case of late arrival for over 60 minutes.
・Students will be asked to show their student ID at the door.
・Guests with discounts tickets must have the[¥200 OFF Coupon][¥300 OFF Coupon]with them upon visit.
・For those without the「¥200 OFF Coupon」「¥300 OFF Coupon」is subject to pay the applied discount amount.
・Strollers could be asked to be kept at the door depending on the crowd condition.
・Wheelchair accessible:Since the venue is a historic building, a slope cannot be installed on the entrance stairs.Wheelchair access is limited to those guests who can handle the stairs with the cooperation of their companions. (Free admission)
・Tickets could be purchased at the door, but due to crowd condition, requested time frame may not be available.





VENUE: Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank Kyu Kosei Center
Shichijo-dori Karasuma Nishiiri113,
Nakai-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City

5 min walk from Kyoto Sta., located south of Higashi Hongan-ji temple,
a building with 90 years history, will be colored with Eno’s art installation.

*Last admission 20:30

Open year-round from 6/3-9/3